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  • Social Media... where everyone is an expert

    Social Media and shooting?

    First off there is a problem with firearms training in this country as a whole!
    The lack of certified firearms courses training and instruction has caused people to look elsewhere for guidance!
    And that is the beast that is social media!

    In recent years the online growth of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook has had a massive impact on the shooting community and how we view and learn new skills and techniques from online videos, blogs, v-logs and forums!

    While this could be seen as hugely beneficial, it can, and is, in equal parts, hugely detrimental to the basic fundamentals that every shooter should learn from the beginning! (More on this later)

    It's great from one point, that if someone has an interest or renewed interest in the sport, and an interest in furthering their knowledge, they can load up their Browser and search for whatever aspect of shooting they want!

    The main problem is the amount of information that is available online, it is almost unlimited, and to an untrained eye all good solid info! (It's not!)
    Only about half (and I'm being generous) of this "advice" is solid!

    The second part of the problem is how all this information is perceived by a novice or inexperienced shooter, and how can we tell the wheat from the chaff!

    The first part of the problem has almost no solution, anyone and their dog can post information to the World Wide Web! With modern mobile phones, It is as simple as record and click!
    And with a quick search you can walk yourself into a RSO's nightmare!
    Everything from basic weapons handling errors like fingers on triggers, muzzle sweeping, and walking in front of gun lines, to near fatal Accidental discharges!
    A lot of this stuff is as plain as day, some others need a bit more attention to pick up on!

    I'm not saying all the available info is bad, it's not,
    However.... even if the info is indeed "solid"...
    There's a monkey see monkey do attitude that, to me, first reared its ugly head with the appearance of magpuls training videos!
    While a lot of the info in those videos is indeed solid! (Todd Hodnett ffs)
    The problem was not everyone watched those videos, and some of the people who did suddenly believed they had a higher understanding of external ballistics and could see the wind in 4mph increments!
    When these people then regurgitated this info, a lot of the actual "solid" stuff got lost in translation!
    I must've heard no less than 8 variations of Todd's 4mph rule! All very skewed from the original and all very wrong!

    So here's my advice!

    If you want to learn more about shooting there's no substitute for real world experience!
    The fact you are reading this is a good start! www.irishshooter.com
    This forum is full of people, across the globe, with ears of experience!
    Real world experience!
    Fountains of knowledge so to speak!
    The scope of experience ranges from lifetime hunters to competitive psr and f-class shooters to ex GF/military/Swat and LE instructors!
    You couldn't ask for more!

    And should you want to speak to a person rather than read from a forum!
    There are some excellent competition shooters in this country!
    And some very experienced ex-mil members in almost every gun club across the country!
    Speak to them, ask them questions, take their advice on board!
    learn the fundamentals, learn them till you can't forget them!
    Shoot safely!
    Don't believe everything you see on Social Media!
    Always question/verify things you see on youtube if you don't believe the source is credible!
    Read Applied ballistics by Bryan Litz!
    Then read it again!

    And lastly -practice practice practice practice!

    Team IrishShooter