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    by Published on 31-07-2015 22:18  Number of Views: 2567 
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    Magnum Spider Desert 8.1 Review

    Copyright. Magnum boots

    I read a lot of product reviews on websites, a lot of the time the reviewer only has the product for a short time. Sure itís nice to be seen to be first with a product and itís nice to see a review when a product is newly launched as this is generally the time when a product gets its greatest exposure. However there are several types of product in which you canít really do a concrete review unless you have used it over a longer period of time. Such an instance for me is with boots. Thereís a saying. ĎYou canít really understand a persons experience until you have walked a mile in their shoesí I needed to take this a step further (excuse the pun) and give these boots a good run (another one sorry) for their money.

    I have owned these boots for two years now. I have put them through pretty much everything I can at this stage. I have shot several matches in them, I have rucked in them, I have ran in them, I have climbed in them. I will be brutally honest, I am hard on footwear of any kind and I am very impressed with how much punishment these boots can take and still be in great shape.

    I initially bought these as a summer boot. I ended up wearing them through the winter as well. The outer surface is water repellent and I wore them hunting all season unless I was going onto really boggy ground for a long period of time. N.B: These boots are not marketed as being waterproof. The Hydrophobic surface enhancement has repelled any of the water I got on them. Hydrophobic Surface Enhancement works through a manufacturing process in which each and every boot is individually placed in a vacuum to withdraw all air from around the boot. The fibres in the boot are then injected with a Fluorocarbon solution which makes them water repellent. And 2 years on I can still get them wet with confidence.

    While the snazzy water repelling process is interesting the most impressive feature of these boots is how light they are. Weighing in at just 2lbs 13oz they are light for their structural integrity. I have run up to 10k in them on a regular basis and was running 5k 3 times a week at one stage in them with no complaints. While the boot is light the Exo Frame system makes the boot rigid where it needs to be providing fantastic support where it is needed. Even running on rocky terrain I felt 100% confident during those awkward Ďgoing over on your ankle for a secondí moments.

    Another great feature is the Vent Guard Sand-proof ventilator technology. This mesh system keeps your feet cool but you donít get that dusty build up on your socks where the vents are. I will add on the colder days my feet felt nice and warm too.

    In conclusion, I would rate these boots out of 5 under the following headings.

    Comfort 4/5 I am docking a point due the fit, 9s were too tight and 10s a little too roomy length wise but perfect in width. ( I will add I have wide feet so maybe its just me)

    Durability 5/5 No complaints, the donít look two years old at all and still feel as snug a fit as the day I first wore them.

    Value 5/5 For the price I paid for these boots you really canít go wrong.

    Weight 5/5 Again nice and light even with the extra frame support.

    The boots after two years

    Where to buy


    Manufacturers website: http://www.magnumboots.com/uk/
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    I reckon it will be good craic alright. They finally arrived two day's ago so hopefully I'll get to try them out at the weekend that's if I'm not gone

    alan81 22-05-2018, 20:32 Go to last post

    Waiting time on second license?

    depends on how busy there are, mine 1st license was 3 weeks 2nd license 10 days 3rd license 8 weeks.

    Surgeman 22-05-2018, 16:06 Go to last post

    Waiting time on second license?

    2nd or any other licence is subject to the same criteria . They , AGS have 3 months to issue it or its deemed an auto refusal , but it can take longer

    pintail41 22-05-2018, 10:41 Go to last post

    ARE 500 gongs

    I shot some steel target gongs at the friend's place the other day. A simple range, just a large berm in the middle of a vineyard next to the pump and

    Hovannes 21-05-2018, 23:31 Go to last post

    wanted. leica rangefinder

    Sent you a PM.

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