on the justice.ie website the have this
"Antique firearms are exempt from the provisions of the Firearms Acts provided they are held as ornaments or curiosities. More information on this can be found in the firearms licensing guidelines on the Garda website. If you intend to buy one from abroad you should obtain an importation licence from this Department before bringing it into the country.

Modern reproductions of antique firearms are not exempt from firearms legislation. You may wish to buy an old (but not antique) firearm, or one which is valuable because of its historical significance or as an investment. These firearms require a firearms certificate and you should apply in the normal way"

Ive been looking through the firearms acts etc but i cant find a year when a firearms becomes an antique is it fair game for anything decently old that you cant fire e.g obsolete calibers(like .44 henry flat etc...) and muzzleloaders? or just that you wont fire it?
I was looking through this as i was thinking about getting and antique gun for putting up above the mantlepiece does anyone know how this would be done (deacts are out with new eu deact laws)