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    Hi guys I think I need a new buddy after losing my 16 year old spaniel last week.any advise would be appreciated.i would love to get a pup with a bit of training done,just a bit of obedience and will come back when called.I don't want a robot but a hunting dog.Anyone in the Clare limerick galway area would be ideal for me but I will travel to get a pup if need be.if ye know someone reliable with a decent reputation I would be greatful thanks.

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    I can't help you with a breeder but I wish you the best of luck with whatever pup you get.

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    Thanks very much for those words.I haven't a clue about good breeders of springers but I'm hoping someone on the site might point me in right direction.

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    what you are looking for the bridevalley/sprucehill lines hardhunting soft mouth and quiet on scent and in the kennel.That would be my 1st choice dont rush into it.

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